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Domestic Flourmill

" First Choice of every Home "
Modern Grinding Technology
Compact Stainless steel body Structure
Advance Grinding Technology
Efficient Grinding Chamber
Fully Automatic system
SS : 1 HP, 1.25 HP, 1.5 HP
Box Type : 1 HP & 2 HP

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Open Type Flourmill

Successful Grinding Technology
Efficient well balance Grinding Emery stone.
Easy to operate or easy to move,
Size : 10” , 12” , 14”

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Third Pedestal Flourmill

Three Bearing Grinding Technology
Mechanically well balanced
Reducing the noise factor
Size : 12” TP, 14” TP , 16” TP , 18” TP

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Special Flourmill

Special Grinding Technology for Each Product
Special blower Design for Rava Machine
Single Motor for Both Operations
High Speed & Compact Grinding Technology
Heavy Body Structure
Size : Rava Machine, TPS, 14” Cabinet , 16” Cabinet

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Sevai Machine

Heavy duty mild steel fabricated body designed for Mahila Gruh Udyog
Machine cooling system & Sevai drying system
Used on Domestic Power Supply
Size : 1.5 HP , 2 HP, 3 HP

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Pulveriser Machine & Mirchi Kandap Machine

2 in 1 Grinding Technology
Two-way feeder for Grains
Heavy Duty Aluminum chamber
Heavy Body Structure
Best use for Mirchi & Masala
MS Pulveriser / SS Pulveriser / Blower Pulveriser / Mirchi Kandap Machine

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Gravy Machine & DoughK Kneader

Special and consistent design
Stainless steel body structure
Grinding Cutter are well balance
Modern Technology for Atta mixer (dough Mixer)
Heavy duty Gear set
Stainless steel food grade bowl
Size : 2 HP , 3 HP Gravy Machine and 5 KG to 25 Kg Dough Kendra Machine

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It’s a great pleasure to welcome you to our family of Laxmi FlourMills. Our company is a leading provider of different atta maker products like Open type flourmill, Domestic flourmill, Commercial flourmill, Sevai machine and Masala Machinery. We are one of the most popular atta maker provider from India.

Our Product is highly demanded in all over India. We are in the market to provide you the best quality products on fairish price that is our client list expanded substantially. In short span we have made our prestigious place for ourselves in the market.

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Laxmi Flourmill has given outstanding performance and contribution in Indian market,
by providing superfine attamaker products. All products of our company are available after certain laboratory test for quality assurance. Our high
ranking position made us the most preferable company in India.

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