Commercial Idli Steamer Machine 8 Plate Dhokla Steamer Machine Idly Dhokla Steamer Machine

Rs. 34,000.00 Rs. 30,000.00

Elevate your culinary creations with our 8 Plate Steam Dhokla Machine and Commercial Idli Steamer Machine. Designed for commercial use, these steamers deliver efficiency and excellence in preparing traditional Indian delights like Dhokla and Idli. The 6 Plate Steam Dhokla Machine ensures uniform and perfectly steamed dhoklas, while the Commercial Idli Steamer Machine guarantees a large batch of soft and fluffy idlis every time. Engineered for durability and ease of use, these machines are ideal for businesses aiming to provide authentic and delicious steamed snacks. Invest in our Commercial Steam Dhokla Machine for a reliable solution that caters to the demands of your culinary enterprise. Elevate your kitchen operations with these high-quality steamers, delivering perfection with every batch.

Tray Size 14 X 18 X 1.25 Inch
Machine Size 24 X 24 X 45
Weight Approx. 48 Kg
Body Material  SS 202
Type  Gas Burner 
Food Processing Machine