Rice mill 6n70 Rice Mill With Destoner and Grader Machine 4in1 Rice Mill Machine Commercial Rice mill Machine

Rs. 174,000.00 Rs. 160,000.00

Revolutionize your rice processing with our cutting-edge Rice Mill Machine, featuring advanced technology for optimal performance. Explore the efficiency of our 6N70 Rice Mill Machine, ensuring precision in every grain. Elevate your milling operations with the versatility of our 4in1 Rice Mill Machine, designed for commercial use. Experience the power and productivity of our 10 HP Rice Mill Machine, delivering superior results for modern rice milling businesses. Invest in excellence, streamline your operations, and achieve high-quality rice output with our state-of-the-art commercial rice mill machines. Upgrade today for a future-ready solution that caters to the demands of your rice processing needs.

 Weight Approx. 280 Kg
Capacity Approx. 500 Kg
Electric Motor 10 HP Three Phase & 1 HP
RPM 1440 TPM
Voltage 420 V
Power Consumption 7.5 Unit
MS Material
Type Semi Automatic
Grains Processing Machine